About Lindsay McCart

Imagination seeker for 28 years! I have created images and designs inspired by the random thoughts that pop up in my noggin. I use a combination of both traditional and digital styles to stay versatile in any project I take on. I have been creating cartoon style art since the 3rd grade of elementary school when I had a fascination with dinosaurs. It was then I knew I had a talent I should hang on to and improve on. The remainder of my public school days, I had taken as many art courses as I could get my hands on. I knew I had to pursue art even further.
After High School I had decided to attend Central Washington University to work for a Graphic Design degree. On the side I had been teaching myself the workings of Flash and created some short animations. After a couple years of attending I felt like I needed to challenge myself more. I then decided to transfer to Eastern Washington University and challenge myself with a BA in Visual Communication Design. While I exercised my brain with design knowledge, I had been working on various projects.

Currently, I dwell in the city of Spokane, Washington where I work for a company called Funsational, Inc. There I design games for baby showers, bridal showers, you name it! I also play a large part of the web designing for the company as well. On the side I keep my mind fresh by doing freelance work as well as flash animations to keep my passion in my grasp.
Lindsay McCart

Thank you for taking a gander at my work! If you would like me to create a little something for you whether it be greeting cards, a cute cartoon character, an article, create an awesome logo, advertisements, you name it! Just shoot me an email and we can chat about work, or just chat in general!